Reliving the ’70s

Yesterday I bought a pair of flared yoga pants.

I don’t do yoga.

It seems they only come in black, no paisley [sigh]
Next, I’m looking for a pair of powder blue corduroy jeans. I haven’t seen corduroy in a long time, so it should be coming back soon!



The time of your life…

Today and for the past year or so, I’ve been contemplating time…even when I didn’t know it.


Time to wake up

Time to get ready for school (work)

Time to fix dinner

Time to eat,

Time to go to bed

Rinse and repeat…

Time to get a job

Time to do my taxes

Time to retire

Olden times…


Life on a timeline…

When I was a little girl, I thought life was all about birthdays, and growing up, finishing school, getting married and living the Barbie and Ken life. Notice of course, that Barbie and Ken never had children, so that wasn’t part of my childish equation; neither did they have jobs that I’m aware of. I was always waiting on time, the right time.

I think when I was in my late thirties, I imagined that retirement meant that you didn’t need to wear a watch or have clocks in the house. You did everything on your own time.

But hey, the sun comes up in the east, daytime, and sets in the west, nighttime. Time just keeps on rolling along, whether you wear a watch or not. (That is really old thinking, most people don’t need a watch now; they have their cell phone to check the time.) I need to remember that I’m in a new century. I started out near the midpoint of the last century and now I’m 15 years into the new one.

In January 2014, I experienced a new time…unemployed time. After working for the same organization for 39 years, my entire department was eliminated. I’m a baby boomer, so you get a job while your in your 20s and stick with it.

Naive time…I thought I would be out of work for a month or so.

Sometimes you’re having a good time and you don’t know it.

Past your prime time…

Big gap in my planned timeline. Time and tide waits for no man.

So, with 14 months of time on my hands, job searching…and what a time that was, I am out of the unemployment line.

Now I have no time. Time to go to work. [back to the refrain]

Even Howdy Doody had a “time”.




Gird thy loins…

I’ve been reading Fitness blogs again…

Picasso's Reclining Woman-1954
My idea of a selfie

While neglecting my blog and weathering out the vortex of whirling arctic polar air, I turned to my trusty WP Reader to catch up on the happenings across the frozen blogosphere. Not so much going on, I guess. It seems unusually quiet, so I ventured into the Fitness blogs. Unlike the Health blogs, where everyone drinks green kale/spinach juice, the Fitness blogs are a happening place. There are typically 3-5 new posts showing up every second; so many it’s hard to click through them all. Eventually, I just started scanning the titles and a theme emerged…my life theme. Here’s a synopsis of the titles that captured my essence:

My New Fitness Goals

Yes, making new goals every year, because the old ones don’t usually work out so well.

My Goal for the Week

A month is too long.

Rethinking my Fitness Goals

When week 1 doesn’t go according to plan.

Burn off Halloween Candy by Doing These Exercises

Someone posted this on January 6th. I guess in March it will be time to work on turkey and dressing.

The Magic Pill

I wish!

Sixteen Weeks to Sexiness

Yeah, right.

January 6: Breakfast: Cheerios, Lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad, Dinner: Apple = 0.4 lb weight loss

That’s 4 ounces, right?

All About the Best Plastic Surgeon

Skip the plastic surgeon, this is a cheaper and more fun way to go…

I've surfed in a girdle before, haven't you?
I’ve surfed in a girdle before, haven’t you?