Mom put me in “Time Out” this morning!

I can’t understand why Mom got upset this morning and put me in “Time Out”! The morning started out normal enough. She turned me out in the back yard and then went to get her first cup of coffee. I was looking for something to do, but Mom put all this mulch down in the back yard, so I couldn’t find any of the holes that I was working on. It’s really hard to find a patch of dirt for me to play in, but low and behold in the corner of the backyard, behind this bush was some fresh dirt!!! What was even better was the sprinklers went on this morning and got it all mushy! Just the way I like it!

Next thing I know, Mom is whistling for me, but I was too busy to come. Then I hear her yell, “TREAT”, and I can’t resist that, so I came out only to have my leash snapped onto my collar. You won’t believe this, but after she gave me my treat, she hooked my leash over something so I couldn’t get back to work. The worst part was when she hosed off my feet. That water was COLD! I guess I should have let her drink her coffee, because she sure was grumpy!

I guess she got over being upset, because after she dried my feet off, she took me on a car ride!!! I just LUV going for a ride in the car!!! She said we were going to see Terri, my groomer. I really like Terri, but I don’t know exactly why I need to be groomed? Do you know?

That's not fair, I have some serious work to do!
That’s not fair, I have some serious work to do!
Wait, what are you doing with that hose?
Wait, what are you doing with that hose?


The Graduate

Remy Basic Obedience February 2014

The Graduate...when no one is looking
The Graduate…when no one is looking


To keep what little sanity I have left, the bundle of joy has been sent to school & doggie daycare off and on during the kitchen remodel. To give you an ideal of how much fun he’s been having, I’ve included some pictures below:


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Why does my dog look dirtier than his friends? Luckily, they hose them off before they send them home 😯

My neighbor told me that my husband told her I was in trouble…

I am a slow starter in the morning. I have to ease into the day with a cup of coffee, which I take outside (even if I have to put on a coat), to enjoy the quiet, and slowly rising sun. I usually get up at 6:00 AM.

On the other hand, my husband springs forth from the bed fully awake at 5:30 AM, moving at the speed of sound. He is not a quiet person. I am fortunate that he makes the coffee in the morning, even if he slams the cupboard doors and talks to himself. I know he isn’t talking to me…he has learned. When I hear him turn on the shower, I slowly crawl out of bed, get dressed (for outdoors), grab my coffee and head outside. By the time “Bubbles” gets out of the shower and dressed, I am usually able to string 3 words together.

Once the husband leaves for work (and the dust settles), I grab another cup of coffee, head back outside, and usually encounter my neighbor walking her dog. This morning the neighbor told me I was in big trouble. Actually, that my husband told her I was in big trouble for leaving the windows down in his pick-up truck last night. This sounds like something he would say. Not that I drive his truck, but because I should have noticed the windows were down and made sure to put them up before I turned in last night. I’m sure his faith in me was shaken due to this obvious oversight.

Here’s a picture of the reason he left his windows down:

The new bundle of joy who was riding around with Daddy in the truck yesterday
The new bundle of joy who was riding around with Daddy in the truck yesterday

Yes, we couldn’t help ourselves. We have a new Pyrenees puppy 🙂

Doggle envy…

White Dog says, “check out Doggles on Amazon.” The latest in doggy fashion and protective eyewear (for alien sightings). All of my friends have them 🙂

I'm so cool!
I’m so cool!


Chillin' in my water Doggles
Chillin’ in my water Doggles