Balancing the budget on laundry day

I would like to see the day when clothes become disposable (biodegradable, recyclable). Just think about it; in all of the futuristic or advanced civilizations (as seen on TV) everyone wears a zip-up onesy (they probably have the feet in them) uniform. This eliminates the need for fads and designer fashions. I’m confident that a futuristic fabric will be developed (using dust from the Mars probe) that will accommodate the one size fits all theory of the 21st century. This will put Omar the tent-maker out of business and there will finally be truth in advertising.

Star Trek crew

Waste disposal would be a thing of the past. Everything would be recycled, including our uniforms. Perhaps, entitlement will catch on and the government run waste disposal man recycle man will pick up one day and drop off the next. Just like in the old days, when there were cloth diapers and diaper service, our uniforms would be delivered to our door steps. In the scheme of things, this would eliminate census takers, because everyone would have to apply for uniform delivery based on the number of peeps in the household.

green recycle bin
Remember when...

Another thing of the past…

LG Washer/dryer combo
Last of the Mohicans

Water and air conservationists will put big businesses on skid row; no wasting of water and fuel for electricity. No need for Tide, Gain, Purex, and Oxyclean. Finally, there would be equality amongst the classes, everyone would look alike (no more droopy pants with under wear showing). Talk about balancing the budget…this could save trillions!

MJ, thanks for reminding me that it’s laundry day! The Zen of Laundry