Have a very merry Chistmas season from JustUs


No drumming, dancing, leaping, milking or piping…

I thought the economy had gone to hell in a hand-basket and the unemployment rate had sky-rocketed? I made the mistake of driving past one of the local malls the other day and I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour. I could have kicked myself for taking the shortest route…my ass! Do I need to get a second job? What are these people spending? Please tell me they aren’t charging everything on credit cards! I was listening to the news on the car radio and one of the announcers mentioned that people are starting to return items they have purchased for Christmas gifts because they couldn’t justify the amount of money they had spent. What?! Don’t they have a clue? OMG, this is a rant, right?

No partridge…

Partridge in pear tree
Who ever saw one of these anyway?

I live in the land of oranges, no pears grow here. And another thing…as I understand it, partridges (aka chukars) are members of the quail family and don’t normally perch in trees.

Turtle doves
Prolific and free, courtesy of Mother Nature

Go outside; look around, they’re everywhere. Coo Coo or KooKoo!

three french hens
Really? Le Cluque Cluque

Buy American! The job you save may be your own.

Four "calling" birds
Four "calling" birds

It’s actually four collie, colly, or colley birds (as you like it), which means black birds. This group should get with the program and upgrade to cell phones. Anyway, what could they possibly have to say? “More mackerel, please.”

This is where I draw the line. It only becomes more outrageous with each can you top this gift. I’m going to stick with Peace on Earth, Good will to Men

Merry Christmas Kitties
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!