Paradise with German Heritage

Just showing off my latest orchid in bloom. I picked this one up on Ebay, Kawamoto Orchids (Hawaii). This is a first for me, because I usually pick up rescues from Lowe’s, after the flowers are spent. I only paid $20 (USD) and 2 day shipping is always free; can’t beat that coming out of Hawaii.

This little bit of paradise has a heavy, perfumed scent. The delicate flowers always amaze me as they slowly unfold and display such vibrant hues.

Paradise (Blc Lawless Freischutz x Slc Seagulls Laurel Hollow)
(Blc Lawless Freischutz x Slc Seagulls Laurel Hollow)

Aloha & Auf Wiedersehen


Orchid Fever

“Many collectors died in process of searching for new species, and despite persistent reports that the men died from drowning, gunshot and knife wounds, snakebite, trampling by cattle, or blows in the head with blunt instruments, it is generally accepted that in each case the primary cause of death was orchid fever.”

Eric Hansen

Sharing some of my bloomers 🙂

Psycopsis Mariposa "Green Valley" Day 1
Psycopsis Mariposa “Green Valley” Day 1
Day 2
Day 2
Day 3
Day 3
Day 4, fully opened
Day 4, fully opened

Psy. Mariposa is called the Butterfly Orchid, because to many, it resembles a butterfly, but to me I see a Japanese Samurai Warrior. I like my interpretation better 🙂

Samurai Warriors
Samurai Warriors
Psychopsis Mariposa is a sequential bloomer on the same spike for up to 10 + years.
Psychopsis Mariposa is a sequential bloomer on the same spike for up to 10 + years.

The spike continues to lengthen with each bloom, which lasts about 1-2 months. When the bloom falls off, another begins to develop. The spike on this one is 27 inches.

Other bloomers:

Dendrobium Burana Jade. One of my 'rescues'
Dendrobium Burana Jade. Mild fragrance. One of my ‘rescues’.
Lc. Tropical Pointer "Cheetah"
Lc. Tropical Pointer “Cheetah”. Sweet fragrance, like roses.

Most of my orchids are in their growth phase, but I expect lots of blooms in the fall and winter months. I guess I have a touch of ‘orchid fever’ 🙂

Summer rescue = winter blooms

Purple Phalaenopsis hybrid orchid
Rescued Phalaenopsis orchid from Lowes Garden Center last summer

One of my rescues… I picked this beauty up at Lowe’s for a mere $5.00. It had about 3 leaves and had already dropped its blooms, so I didn’t have any idea what color the blooms would be. It was shuffled off to the discount rack after a price cut from $25.00. This month, it re-bloomed on the old flower spike, something that Phals are notorious for. So far, it looks like there will eventually be 6 blooms on the spike, and they last for months. (I even rescued the African Violet)

Also known as a Moth orchid
Also known as a Moth orchid. This is a hybrid (NOID)

I have about 10 rescued orchids and grew them outside in the shade until the temperature started dropping into the low 50 degrees. The Phals like it warm and will stay inside until the temps move above 60 degrees. Yes, it does get sorta cold in Florida! 🙂

The petals are so irredescent
I like the iridescent petals