Reliving the ’70s

Yesterday I bought a pair of flared yoga pants.

I don’t do yoga.

It seems they only come in black, no paisley [sigh]
Next, I’m looking for a pair of powder blue corduroy jeans. I haven’t seen corduroy in a long time, so it should be coming back soon!



I didn’t realize I was a FAT HEAD!

I’ve lost 41 lbs. since January 1, (yes, you can keep your New Year’s resolutions) and a close friend acquaintance told me she could tell I had lost weight because my face looked thinner! Imagine that!



No, I didn’t do it riding my bike

No, I didn’t buy a Ninja juicer or find a magic “fat burner”,


I bought my husband and sister Fit Bits for Christmas and I let their obsessive/compulsive personalities love of technology lead the way. Once they figured out that they could download the Fit Bit app to their phone and computer, they were on a roll. So, I bought myself a Fit Bit and the competition was on!


Walk 6-7 miles, burn over 2000 calories and eat 1500-1600 calories daily, and you lose weight. Easy peasy.

I have to change my “About” page, because the bike is in a stationary trainer right now. I started having some vertigo issues late last year, so to remain vertical I had to make some changes.

I started out by dragging the dog around the neighborhood. I say dragging, because he wasn’t as enthusiastic at walking at a fast clip. He prefers sniffing and peeing on every pillar and post.

Speaking of the dog…


He just finished his Grand Champion points in June, so we only have 99 points to go for his Bronze.

Did I mention obsessive/compulsive earlier?







How important is that Ironman?

Advance warning… language alert. One or two 4-letter words 😯

But I think it’s hilarious!

Dad has his posterity off the couch

By Justme, Whitedog,

Daddy took me for a walk the other day! Mommy said she had to get the camera and record it for posterior off the couch…umm maybe it was posterity. She said he must have had a surge of… dolphins or maybe dorphins. Something like that.

Daddy got his posterity off of the couch!
According to Mom, Daddy got his posterity off of the couch!

Daddy has been all excited ’cause he bought this thing so he can play with Mom…

Dad said it isn't a horse, so he doesn't have to hike his leg???
Dad said it isn’t a horse, so he doesn’t have to hike his leg??? (Dad’s Townie)

Mom tried riding this thing, but she said she thought she was gonna die, so she got off!

Mommies horse, named Vita (she said she can still hike her leg)
Mommies horse, named Vita (she said she can still hike her leg)

Now Mom and Dad go off and leave me to guard the fort while they ride. Mom said she’s trying to get Dad past the 4 mile mark.

I told Mom, ‘good luck’. Dad loves his couch 🙂