What day is it – where am I?

I feel like I’ve just come out of a Christmas coma and haven’t regained my strength yet. Spreading cheer takes a lot out of you at my age. I’ve been on a cruise …a dry cruise for the past two days. What that actually means is I’ve been in a recliner on the sun porch with a blanket across my legs reading for hours on end. The only thing missing is the waiter/waitress, bringing me sustenance and endless fruity drinks. I think I’ve lost weight!

Even the dogĀ  appears worn out. My sister brought his two cousins over for the holidays and they stayed with us for 2 days.

The corgi cousins
Where are our toys?
The dog
I'm so glad I'm an only!

This year, I didn’t even have to cook, unless you call baking a pumpkin and pecan pie right from the frozen food section of the local grocery. My other half (as in twosome… one of a pair…not a joined at the hip type of love) decided this year he wanted to have seafood for Christmas. No ham, turkey, standing rib roast, mashed potatoes, etc. or anything conventional. Since he was planning to cook, I was all for it. He even did the shopping, I feel so blessed! He came home with 100 clams, 5lbs of shrimp, and three….

Maine lobster
Steam me up, Scotty!

He gets this stuff from a fresh fish/seafood market here on the Florida coast, so everything is local except for the Maine lobster that he decided to try (as opposed to abundant Florida lobster). He must have gotten carried away, because there were only the three of us for dinner, counting my sister. I sent my sister home with 2 lbs of shrimp, and I’ve been sharing with the neighbors.

Yesterday was trash pickup day, thank goodness! The seagulls were circling overhead like buzzards on roadkill.

Perhaps what sapped me of all energy was cleaning up the kitchen after the seafood festival. There seemed to be a lot of melted butter everywhere, and Old Bay seasoning, along with every pot in the kitchen! The dogs tried their best to clean the kitchen floor, licking up any tidbits that came their way, but I still had to swab the deck after all the festivities.

I’m contemplating a very quiet New Years Eve and possibly going out for Mexican food. Can you blame me?

What did you have for Christmas dinner?