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What’s next…?

San Diego Zoo hatches near-extinct ‘tree lobster’ insects

Tell me they eat roaches and feast on mosquitoes for dessert!

Surely they were almost extinct for a reason?!

Near extinct Tree Lobster, Oh Boy!

This guy can’t see his belly-button, much less his shadow!

Marmot de Jour, leader of a cult of weather predictors
Marmot de Jour, leader of a cult of weather predictors

The weather in PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA

February 2, 2015

Out of tissues for a while now…Part 1

Me and Ricochet, training for Winter Classic 2006

My sister and I have had several horses over the years and used to spend every weekend riding, washing and fussing over our mounts or cleaning tack. We began riding at the place where we still board our horses today. The facility, family owned and operated,  is on 20 acres of woods, out in the country, far enough away from the city that cell phone coverage is spotty at best. It’s a comfortable place, nothing pretentious, and the family lives on the property. The owner breeds Arabians, so naturally, we started out riding Arabians.

I’ve had Richie (my nickname for him) for more years than I can remember. His breed is National Show Horse (NSH), a combination of Arabian & American Saddlebred. Because he’s registered Half Arabian and NSH, I could show him in either type of breed events, so I was thrilled. He came to me fully trained in English Country Pleasure and English Show Hack, with a lengthy show record. He’s probably the most powerful horse I’ve ever ridden, a Cadillac ride, and a real looker too. His one drawback…he was ‘over it’ performing, that is. He hated arena work and couldn’t wait to get out of the gate. He had been to so many shows, that as soon as we went into the arena, he was ‘on stage’ and started performing his routine on autopilot. Once he finished, he was ready to go back to eating hay out in the pasture. I spent a lot of time teaching him to just walk in the arena, but I had to be prepared for prancing, head-tossing, and his ‘let’s get this over with’ attitude. Eventually, I shortened his arena work and started taking him on trails out in the woods. I had some trepidation about being in the woods with him, because a.) I don’t think he was ever ridden on trail and b.) because there are so many critters: squirrels, armadillos, gopher turtles (yes, horses will even spook over a turtle on the path), deer, and the occasional bird flying up out of the bushes. My concern was for naught; he actually let out a huge sigh whenever we entered the woods and he ‘just’ walked like he was on a Sunday looky-loo. As he got older, I retired him from his show career and we just enjoyed being together and in the woods. As I look back over the time we spent together, I realize he taught me how to hang on for dear life, and I taught him how to relax. We had great fun.

to be continued…

Today we had to say goodbye…

To our best boy

A member of our family of three.

He has returned to God,

And we’re grateful for the time we spent together.

God, let him play and jump,

like he did when he played with me.

He could touch his nose to mine you see.

He loved to chase squirrels

And play keep away

When he found a stick.

He likes to go out in the middle of the night,

And look up at the stars and moon.

He saw the aliens with me.

We’ve listened to hoot owls,

And barked at critters that shouldn’t be

Walking around in our territory.

Today has to be one of the saddest days…

4 mos old
Brother and Sister


White Dog and his sister, all grown up
White Dog and his sister, all grown up
White Dog meets his cousin for the first time
White Dog meets his cousin for the first time
Vicious Corgi puppy!
Vicious Corgi puppy!
Best Buddies
Best Buddies


White Dog was diagnosed with an osteo sarcoma in his right knee right after I came home from vacation in June. It’s a very rapid growing bone cancer and because of his size, he wasn’t a candidate for surgery. He never gave up, even when he was on medicine to control his pain . In the past three days, he went steadily downhill and even though he couldn’t tell me, I knew the pain was becoming too much. My husband and I are basically devastated with the loss of our beloved puppy. So many tears…

White Dog’s sister, was my sister’s dog. She is no longer with us either.


Local Scientific Squirrel Research Shows…

Backyard squirrel research: FAIL!
Backyard squirrel research: FAIL!

In less than 24 hours squirrels were able to identify plastic! The best part is that no tax payer funds were squandered on this new discovery!

Saturday night late movie…(not Shakespeare)

I grew up on this stuff…see why aliens aren’t so farfetched?