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Guess the number of black cats



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crazy cat lady starter kit revised


Adopted by a cat in formal attire


This formally attired gentleman appeared on my doorstep at the end of October. After he made a home for himself in my garage, he started demanding food in a very large voice. “I prefer Fancy Feast and only the ones in gravy. Don’t bother with dry food, I’ll only eat it if you mix it with the canned.” He has trained me well and I now cater to his whims. Tuxedo, as I call him, must have been catered to by some other lucky family, but I can’t find anyone who will claim him. He’s a lovable sort and doesn’t wander far from his new home (or his food dish). I’m a sucker for animals [sigh].

Tuxedo, cleaning the gravy from his face
Cleaning the gravy from his face
Living the good life and dreaming of dinner
Living the good life and dreaming of dinner