“Half baked, with no added salt.”

Tastes like chicken

What’s next…?

San Diego Zoo hatches near-extinct ‘tree lobster’ insects

Tell me they eat roaches and feast on mosquitoes for dessert!

Surely they were almost extinct for a reason?!

Near extinct Tree Lobster, Oh Boy!

I saw three ships come sailing…

If you’re familiar with the song – there are only 170 days left ’til Christmas, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The ships I saw were of the feathered variety. The Swallow-tailed Kites are back for their summer breeding season. I wrote a post some months back about the Alien Sighting. I spotted one this past weekend and before I could blink, there were three. The thing that grabs your eye is how large these birds are, and they sail on the air currents with no obvious wing flapping. I stood mesmerized, watching them swirl around like water in an eddy.

Swallow-tailed Kite
Swallow-tailed Kite

Maybe it IS Christmas in July… on Monday I saw a hummingbird (first time EVER in my yard). They aren’t so common here, but low and behold one was hovering near my Parrot Plant.

Parrot Plant (heliconia psittacorum)
Parrot Plant (heliconia psittacorum)

You get a picture of the plant, the bird…too fast for me. Moving right along…

Well, we finally finished the dog! Not to be equated with the week after Thanksgiving when you proudly announce that you’ve ‘finally finished the turkey’. (p.s. only 140 days ’til Thanksgiving)

In the wild and wacky world of show dogs and dog shows, ‘finishing the dog’ means we have a new Champion.

New Champion with our breeder/handler and Judge
New Champion with our breeder/handler and Judge

Gosh, he looks so sweet, and clean in the picture. Who could imagine that he is attracted to black dirt, mud, and loves to dig holes in the back yard?

If I had more time, I would regale you with my latest new job…working for the feds. But I have to head out to my current job. I’m working off my 2 weeks notice, so I’ll have to leave you with something to look forward to 🙂

Alien sighting!

When I’m outside, I spend an inordinate amount of time looking up. Ummm, I live in Florida, it’s flat.

Craning necks in the flat lands
Craning necks in the flat lands

If I lived in the mountains, I would probably spend more time looking down 😯

Giving my neck a rest when I was on vacation in Utah last summer
Giving my neck a rest when I was on vacation in Utah last summer

I don’t believe that aliens are going to walk up and tap you on the shoulder, so if you’re going to spot one, they’re going to be up in the wild, blue yonder or under the cover of darkness, in some instances. I spotted this particular alien twice in the last week, between 9:00 – 9:30 AM. To say the least, I am in awe! By the way, this alien has been spotted before, so I was able to find a picture on the internet…

Swallow-tailed Kite
Swallow-tailed Kite (Raptor Family)

I have lived in Florida all of my life, and never before have I seen one of these birds. They are huge! According to what I’ve found on the internet, their body is usually about 22 inches long, and their wingspan can get up to 4 feet. They live in South America, and migrate to the gulf coast states to breed annually. They’re supposed to live in wetlands and marshes, so what he’s doing in my area is a mystery.

Habitat and range of the Swallow-tailed Kite
Habitat and range of the Swallow-tailed Kite

If you want to learn more about this magnificent alien, here is the link: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds

Gearing up for a visit?


planet mars_edited-2
Gearing up for “alien sighting” month! Original post: Red Orbs After Sunset


Incredible Technology: How to Search for Advanced Alien Civilizations

Look at a picture of the Earth at night, and the world appears to be, quite literally, glowing. Now, scientists are starting to look for signs of advanced alien civilizations by the glow given off by technology used to harvest the energy from a star or even an entire galaxy. (excerpt: www.livescience.com)


Incredible Technology

NASA Curiosity rover captures mysterious bright light on Mars

This image was taken by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity's Navcam on April 3.
“Glinty rock” or Incredible Technology?

This image was taken by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity’s Navcam on April 3.NASA/JPL-Caltech

Is the truth really out there?

A NASA picture of a mysterious bright light on Mars has sparked the interest of UFO believers. But before we cry extraterrestrial, the bright light may be nothing more than a “glinty rock.”

yankee go home


Today we had to say goodbye…

To our best boy

A member of our family of three.

He has returned to God,

And we’re grateful for the time we spent together.

God, let him play and jump,

like he did when he played with me.

He could touch his nose to mine you see.

He loved to chase squirrels

And play keep away

When he found a stick.

He likes to go out in the middle of the night,

And look up at the stars and moon.

He saw the aliens with me.

We’ve listened to hoot owls,

And barked at critters that shouldn’t be

Walking around in our territory.

Today has to be one of the saddest days…

4 mos old
Brother and Sister


White Dog and his sister, all grown up
White Dog and his sister, all grown up
White Dog meets his cousin for the first time
White Dog meets his cousin for the first time
Vicious Corgi puppy!
Vicious Corgi puppy!
Best Buddies
Best Buddies


White Dog was diagnosed with an osteo sarcoma in his right knee right after I came home from vacation in June. It’s a very rapid growing bone cancer and because of his size, he wasn’t a candidate for surgery. He never gave up, even when he was on medicine to control his pain . In the past three days, he went steadily downhill and even though he couldn’t tell me, I knew the pain was becoming too much. My husband and I are basically devastated with the loss of our beloved puppy. So many tears…

White Dog’s sister, was my sister’s dog. She is no longer with us either.