4 months and 401.5 cycling miles

By Florida standards, it was frigid today. For some reason, Whitedog had me up at 02:00 and again at 04:00 a.m. to make his rounds and do his business. The wind was blowing pretty good, making it feel even colder. I slept in until almost 08:00, once I got back to sleep, and it was 40 degrees when I ventured out with my first cup of coffee. I like greeting the morning outside, letting the weather and the coffee gently bring me out of the fog of sleep. The day before, it was warm and raining…shorts weather. Florida weather is pretty fickle and I figure the big chill was a taste of the snow storms up north, blown in with the north wind.

The sun was gleaming today, with no humidity left in the atmosphere, making the day sparkly and crisp. As I was sipping my second cup of coffee, I glanced over at my Vita and decided that today was the day. Today was 60 days since I fell and broke my pelvis and I just needed to get back on the bike. I have missed cycling more than I can say. I waited until the temperature was up to 48 degrees, but the wind was still blowing 7-10 mph, so I layered up and set off on my first ride in 2 months. At first, I noticed that my left leg felt weaker than the right, but after a good 15 minutes of warm up at 8 mph, I was feeling pretty good. I tried to keep my cadence below 70 rpms and several times I caught myself climbing to 80-90 rpms. I was so elated to be cycling again, it was difficult to maintain a slower cadence. My average speed was 9.6 mph for 38 minutes, with the exception of a short sprint at 14.2 mph to avoid the gnashing teeth of a small ankle biter.

I ended up putting in 6.13 miles and could have probably gone even further, but I didn’t want to push my luck. Slow and steady wins the race, sometimes. My total miles since July 6, (with 2 months off recovering) are 401.5. Not too bad for an old lady 🙂


Have a very merry Chistmas season from JustUs


‘My bad…

Once I recovered from my husband’s gravitational experiment last weekend, I should have never poked innocent fun at his painful mishap!

On Thursday, this past week, I fell off my bike. Um…it wasn’t moving 😳 I had just come to a stop on an incline, and when I put my foot down to get off the bike, I lost my balance and toppled over only to land on my left gluteus maximus. My butt hurt, but not enough to stop me from putting in my 10 mile ride. This was one of my planned ‘hard’ rides, with intervals and recoveries. When I finished my ride, I coasted into my driveway and …I couldn’t walk. It seems I pulled a few requisite walking muscles in my inner thigh. I’VE NEVER FELT SO MUCH PAIN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

Posterior view of right thigh muscles
Posterior view of the right thigh muscles: m. gracilis and m. adductor magnus have put me out of commission!

I have been sitting on ice and taking muscle relaxers for 3 days now. Today, I can actually walk, albeit with a leg-dragging limp. Needless to say, I won’t be getting my 20 mile ride in this weekend.

Red orbs after sunset…♫

Last Sunday evening I turned the dogs out in the back yard to scamper, bark, and chase one another around in hopes they would tire themselves out and collapse. Sort of like having young children and hoping to put them to bed early. You might ask why I would remember such a mundane event; however, that was the night I saw the aliens (again).

As I was smoking a cig and star gazing off to the northwest I spied a couple of reddish-orange orbs sitting stationary in the sky over Orlando. I had watched the Venus / Jupiter conjunction a couple months earlier and the reddish orbs didn’t compare to the planets, plus they didn’t twinkle like stars. I watched the orbs for a minute or so, and they suddenly moved closer together. At this point, I said to myself, “self, those are aliens.”

Venus / Jupiter conjuncion
Venus / Jupiter Conjunction March 2012

I watched the reddish orbs for a few more minutes, while an airplane chugged along, lower in the sky, heading for the international airport. Suddenly, the red orbs just disappeared. Here one minute, gone the next.

I rounded up the dogs and herded them into the house where my sister and hubs were watching TV. I didn’t bother to expend my precious respiratory effort on announcing the aliens and I promptly forgot about the whole encounter until Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday, I got home late from a conference on the opposite side of town after battling a traffic nightmare and I spied my neighbors sitting on their patio having a beer. I didn’t waste much time inviting myself over, figuring I could use some alcohol to alleviate the pain of my numb derriere and the blood clots that were probably developing in both legs after sitting for 8 hours.  The chairs they provide at conferences are definitely not conducive to one’s health.

After stretching my legs and taking a healthy glug of the ‘nectar of the gods’, my neighbors asked me, “Did you see the aliens Sunday night?”  Well…we had a good conversation, I might add. It seems that after I went inside, the aliens came back, only more of them. My friends said they watched them coming and going for a good 25 minutes! Lo’ and behold, they took a picture!

I had my friend send it to me and after I cropped out the large portion of night sky, I was left with 4 glowing, reddish-orange orbs…remember, I had only seen two.

Alien encounter - red orbs 4-29-2012
Alien encounter – red orbs after sunset

Pretty cool, huh? For fun, you can check out your neck of the woods for UFO sightings at The National UFO Reporting Center or at the Mutual UFO Network

So what do you think?

Friday night I hit my OBSL

Saturday morning my neighbor, DotVadar (not her real name, but what I call her), and I went and joined a gym. We’ve only been talking about it since before Thanksgiving. The gym is only 5 minutes from where we live, out in BFE (bum f*@# Egypt). This is one of our New Year’s Resolutions that we’ve slowly followed up on. Let me say, it has been a process, a veritably slow process I realize, but DotVadar doesn’t like to jump into anything without thinking it over for a while.

About 2 weeks ago, I finally worked DotVadar up to checking the place out. The gym is quite palatial, futuristic, and smells new. It’s also right next door to the senior center (smells older) and the tootsie roll factory (my term for a sewage treatment facility). Speaking of smells…but I digress. Anyway, we collected all the registration paperwork required to join, including a medical clearance form that needed to be filled out and signed by our doctors. Now, DotVadar hasn’t been to a doctor for 17 years. She has that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality and it has probably taken her that long to figure out what she needed to see a doctor for. Once DotVadar made up her mind (a lot of foot tapping), she made her doctor’s appointment and we (I made my appointment the next day) both were moving towards our goal. We managed to survive the doctor’s visits, the blood work, and the tongue depressors, only to find out that our cholesterol levels were in the FTD (fixin’ to die) range. Needless to say, we both got our medical clearance forms signed and each left their respective doctor’s office clutching new prescriptions for Crestor.

Now, I should mention that DotVadar and I are totally different body types. When DotVadar turns sideways, she tends to become invisible; whereas, I tend to appear as if I have a beer belly.

Tribal Fertility and Mother Earth Goddesses
DotVadar thinks she has a muffin top and I'm hiding what only appears to be a beer belly

Friday night, DotVadar’s hubby lit the fire pit just before dark. Which, in our neck of the woods means ‘the bar is open and all visitors welcome’. All of the neighbors have become accustomed to this ritual and tend to drift over and visit bringing various and sundry spirits. DotVadar and I only drink beer, as we have learned our lesson from past libations, so we keep her mini-fridge in the garage stocked with our preferences. While the night was still young, we decided to head to the gym Saturday morning  to register and become official members (let the workouts begin!). As the night progressed we imbibed and chatted with everyone that gathered around the fire. It was a lovely night, chilly but not frigid, and the stars twinkled overhead. All was good with the world!

Saturday morning was a different story. I do believe we had hit our OBSL (optimum beer saturation level) the night before, so it was somewhat painful Saturday morning when she texted and told me to be ready in 5 minutes. I grabbed my forms, sunglasses and a bottle of water and was waiting for her at the foot of my driveway. When she picked me up, DotVadar said she didn’t think we were going to be able to work out on Saturdays in the future. She may have a point there. Our NYR (New Year’s Resolution) was to join a gym, not give up beer!

How are your NYR’s working out (pun intended) for you?

My thanks to: WhatImeant2say and Heretherebespiders for my new acrimonious vocabulary and knowing that others around the world are having fun too!

JustI  🙂