“Half baked, with no added salt.”

Tastes like chicken

Complete story in 6 words…

“Fair game, I knew it well.”

Nom, nom, nom

What men want you to know…

deborah-kerr_burt-lanaster "From Here to Eternity"

Nah, you already know that…

Here are the top three, most important things that men want you to know…

  1. They are hungry. They are always hungry, because they forget to eat. However, they will slide into home plate, and await your return from a hard day’s work, and the first words out of their mouths are, “Hi honey, what’s for dinner?”
  2. They are needy. They need your help, usually right after you sit down and relax from a hard day’s work. They spend an inordinate amount of time hiding things from themselves. They will even call you at work to ask where they hid their sh$t. Amazingly, you DO KNOW WHERE THEY HIDE THEIR SH$T.
  3. They are always right. They will usually give you that smug, smarty-pants look just as they strut out of the house with all of the sh$t you just found for them, specifically their wallet and car keys, as they head out to go get themselves the “old standby”, Chinese food.


What’s next…?

San Diego Zoo hatches near-extinct ‘tree lobster’ insects

Tell me they eat roaches and feast on mosquitoes for dessert!

Surely they were almost extinct for a reason?!

Near extinct Tree Lobster, Oh Boy!

I saw three ships come sailing…

If you’re familiar with the song – there are only 170 days left ’til Christmas, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The ships I saw were of the feathered variety. The Swallow-tailed Kites are back for their summer breeding season. I wrote a post some months back about the Alien Sighting. I spotted one this past weekend and before I could blink, there were three. The thing that grabs your eye is how large these birds are, and they sail on the air currents with no obvious wing flapping. I stood mesmerized, watching them swirl around like water in an eddy.

Swallow-tailed Kite
Swallow-tailed Kite

Maybe it IS Christmas in July… on Monday I saw a hummingbird (first time EVER in my yard). They aren’t so common here, but low and behold one was hovering near my Parrot Plant.

Parrot Plant (heliconia psittacorum)
Parrot Plant (heliconia psittacorum)

You get a picture of the plant, the bird…too fast for me. Moving right along…

Well, we finally finished the dog! Not to be equated with the week after Thanksgiving when you proudly announce that you’ve ‘finally finished the turkey’. (p.s. only 140 days ’til Thanksgiving)

In the wild and wacky world of show dogs and dog shows, ‘finishing the dog’ means we have a new Champion.

New Champion with our breeder/handler and Judge
New Champion with our breeder/handler and Judge

Gosh, he looks so sweet, and clean in the picture. Who could imagine that he is attracted to black dirt, mud, and loves to dig holes in the back yard?

If I had more time, I would regale you with my latest new job…working for the feds. But I have to head out to my current job. I’m working off my 2 weeks notice, so I’ll have to leave you with something to look forward to 🙂

Sweet dreams are made of this…♫

Last night I was dreaming about donuts. Not just any donuts, but pink glazed with sprinkles…

Sweet dreams are made of this ♫
Sweet dreams are made of this ♫


I don’t like pink glazed donuts with sprinkles. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I ate a donut. However, following my mid-night craving, if someone were to smash one into my face, I would probably enjoy licking off the remains.

Perhaps, what brought this on was an article I read in the news yesterday of Joan Rivers getting cake-faced at a pre-Oscar party this past weekend.

The 80-year-old star was seen rushing out of the QVC Red Carpet Style party Friday covered in icing after an argument with Miss Piggy.  Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/joan-rivers-caked-face-pre-oscar-party
The 80-year-old star was seen rushing out of the QVC Red Carpet Style party Friday covered in icing after an argument with Miss Piggy.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/joan-rivers-caked-face-pre-oscar-party


How a stuffed pig could shove a cake in Joan River’s face is beyond me. I don’t like yellow cake with white icing either, but it does tend to soften her appearance, don’t you think?

I wonder what a dream interpreter would have to say about pink donuts?

Gird thy loins…

I’ve been reading Fitness blogs again…

Picasso's Reclining Woman-1954
My idea of a selfie

While neglecting my blog and weathering out the vortex of whirling arctic polar air, I turned to my trusty WP Reader to catch up on the happenings across the frozen blogosphere. Not so much going on, I guess. It seems unusually quiet, so I ventured into the Fitness blogs. Unlike the Health blogs, where everyone drinks green kale/spinach juice, the Fitness blogs are a happening place. There are typically 3-5 new posts showing up every second; so many it’s hard to click through them all. Eventually, I just started scanning the titles and a theme emerged…my life theme. Here’s a synopsis of the titles that captured my essence:

My New Fitness Goals

Yes, making new goals every year, because the old ones don’t usually work out so well.

My Goal for the Week

A month is too long.

Rethinking my Fitness Goals

When week 1 doesn’t go according to plan.

Burn off Halloween Candy by Doing These Exercises

Someone posted this on January 6th. I guess in March it will be time to work on turkey and dressing.

The Magic Pill

I wish!

Sixteen Weeks to Sexiness

Yeah, right.

January 6: Breakfast: Cheerios, Lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad, Dinner: Apple = 0.4 lb weight loss

That’s 4 ounces, right?

All About the Best Plastic Surgeon

Skip the plastic surgeon, this is a cheaper and more fun way to go…

I've surfed in a girdle before, haven't you?
I’ve surfed in a girdle before, haven’t you?