A change up…

Today I left the garage door closed, so the neighbors are thinking I’m dead.

On the weekends, I always open the garage door and begin my day before the sun has officially announced itself. In fact, I did that very thing at 6 A.M., while sipping my life sustaining brew, and gazing up into the heavens, before the birds and squirrels had ventured from their cozy nests, or the neighbors, for that matter. Justdog knew I was up, as he peered at me sleepily with one eye open, but not caring to rouse himself before I had my coffee. He’s a very smart dog.

My husband was up at 5 A.M, going over to the coast to fish with a friend, so the house was empty, well, except for Justdog and Justcat…. and JustI, of course.

The world is mine!

I finished my second cup of coffee, and took Justdog for his morning constitutional before daybreak. The air was crisp, and there was a gentle breeze, but winter is basically over in Florida, so I only had on two layers of clothes, and no winter jacket, for a change.

Walking the dog stirred my appetite, so when we got back I decided to forego another cup of coffee, and go inside to fix myself a hearty breakfast. The sun wasn’t quite up yet, so I closed the garage door, with just a crack for Justcat, so he could come and go, and sit in the sun on the front porch.

I had no sooner finished breakfast and started up the computer, when I heard my 75 year old neighbor’s garage door open. I know the squeak and squeal of each garage door on our cul de sac. From the window in my office, I spied the neighbor walking the lid to my trash bin over to my house. I loaned her the trash bin for her yard waste about a month ago, and she returned the bin, but forgot to return the lid. I see her frequently, but forget to bring the lid home. Obviously, not all that important.

My first thought was, what the heck is she doing up so early. She usually sleeps in ’til 9 or 10 A.M.

Then I realized I had left my garage door mostly down, and she was looking for signs of life. She thinks I’m on my death bed, or that I’ve croaked.

On our cul de sac, an open garage door is a sign of life or a welcome mat for the neighbors, and I have inadvertently sent a signal to all that something is awry. I may as well have hung a quarantine sign on the front door.

I’m thinking I better go open up the garage, to ease everyone’s minds. I’ll be hearing about my faux pas for the better part of next week, as each and every one will ask about my health, seeing as I did a change-up.

Me thinks I will feign a quick recovery.





I didn’t realize I was a FAT HEAD!

I’ve lost 41 lbs. since January 1, (yes, you can keep your New Year’s resolutions) and a close friend acquaintance told me she could tell I had lost weight because my face looked thinner! Imagine that!



No, I didn’t do it riding my bike

No, I didn’t buy a Ninja juicer or find a magic “fat burner”,


I bought my husband and sister Fit Bits for Christmas and I let their obsessive/compulsive personalities love of technology lead the way. Once they figured out that they could download the Fit Bit app to their phone and computer, they were on a roll. So, I bought myself a Fit Bit and the competition was on!


Walk 6-7 miles, burn over 2000 calories and eat 1500-1600 calories daily, and you lose weight. Easy peasy.

I have to change my “About” page, because the bike is in a stationary trainer right now. I started having some vertigo issues late last year, so to remain vertical I had to make some changes.

I started out by dragging the dog around the neighborhood. I say dragging, because he wasn’t as enthusiastic at walking at a fast clip. He prefers sniffing and peeing on every pillar and post.

Speaking of the dog…


He just finished his Grand Champion points in June, so we only have 99 points to go for his Bronze.

Did I mention obsessive/compulsive earlier?







I saw three ships come sailing…

If you’re familiar with the song – there are only 170 days left ’til Christmas, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The ships I saw were of the feathered variety. The Swallow-tailed Kites are back for their summer breeding season. I wrote a post some months back about the Alien Sighting. I spotted one this past weekend and before I could blink, there were three. The thing that grabs your eye is how large these birds are, and they sail on the air currents with no obvious wing flapping. I stood mesmerized, watching them swirl around like water in an eddy.

Swallow-tailed Kite
Swallow-tailed Kite

Maybe it IS Christmas in July… on Monday I saw a hummingbird (first time EVER in my yard). They aren’t so common here, but low and behold one was hovering near my Parrot Plant.

Parrot Plant (heliconia psittacorum)
Parrot Plant (heliconia psittacorum)

You get a picture of the plant, the bird…too fast for me. Moving right along…

Well, we finally finished the dog! Not to be equated with the week after Thanksgiving when you proudly announce that you’ve ‘finally finished the turkey’. (p.s. only 140 days ’til Thanksgiving)

In the wild and wacky world of show dogs and dog shows, ‘finishing the dog’ means we have a new Champion.

New Champion with our breeder/handler and Judge
New Champion with our breeder/handler and Judge

Gosh, he looks so sweet, and clean in the picture. Who could imagine that he is attracted to black dirt, mud, and loves to dig holes in the back yard?

If I had more time, I would regale you with my latest new job…working for the feds. But I have to head out to my current job. I’m working off my 2 weeks notice, so I’ll have to leave you with something to look forward to 🙂

Life on the cul de sac

The husband left the house at 5:00 AM, this morning to go fishing with a friend. Last night I threatened him with bodily harm if he woke me up, so I was actually able to sleep in until 7:00. After I had my first cup of coffee, fed and walked the dog, I settled in my office with more coffee to read the news online and check out new blog posts, etc.

The office is at the front of the house, and there is a big window that lets in a lot of sunlight, so the office is always bright and toasty in the mornings. While I’m reading about a father and son who bagged a 700 lb wild hog in North Carolina, I hear voices coming from out front of the house. When I look out the window, I see my 70 year old neighbors romping around their front yard. Anything is possible on our cul de sac.

There are 7 houses on the cul de sac (I’m #7), and we all know each other and hang out together, you know, like barbeques and fire pit gatherings, or an occasional beer on the front porch type of thing. Well, house #6 are the Hindu’s, and they are a nice couple, but I think we’re too rowdy for them, so we don’t see them much, and the guy that lives in #1 (with his cats) is in witness protection or a vampire. He puts his garbage and recycle bins out (and in) under the cover of darkness. We know he’s alive, but we NEVER see him. The romping 70 year olds are in #2, and they don’t hang out with #5 anymore unless it’s a large gathering; a little bit of tension there. My husband says it’s because #5’s wife is too candid and he thinks I should take note and become a little nicer. I interpret that as being disingenuous, but my husband says that being nicer means bite my tongue more often than not. Hey, I get along with all of the neighbors, so I must not be ALL bad. That’s another story…anyway.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I grabbed my coffee and nonchalantly walked out on my front porch to see what all the romping was about. Well, it seems that “Greased Lightening” got out again. Greased lightening (GL) is my name for their new tea cup yorkie puppy. He weighs in at 2 lbs (1 kilo) and when they open the door leading into their garage, GL comes out of the shoot like a race horse. Most of us on the cul de sac leave our garage doors open, kind of like a welcome mat, so the puppy has become an escape artist. Now, the #2 wife has diabetic neuropathy and can’t feel her feet anymore, and #2 husband has a bad knee which gives out on him occasionally. So I hold my breath while watching them try to corral the puppy.

"Greased Lightening"
“Greased Lightening” (not my picture)

One evening, #5’s wife, returned GL after she saw something scurrying around in their garage. It seems #2’s husband went out to throw something in the garage recycle bin, and never saw GL make his great escape. When #5’s wife knocked on their door and handed over GL, she said she was returning their hamster (see, candid). #2 wife told #5 wife that she couldn’t imagine how GL got out, “we were just watching him”. #5 wife said, “obviously not, he was in the front yard”.

#7 (me) heard this story from #5 & #2 on separate occasions. I was telling my husband about it, and he said he hoped I was nice. I am ALWAYS nice, geesh 🙄


I forgot about ears…

Two days ago, I was in shorts, and the temperature was in the 80 degree range. Last night, a cold front moved in and this morning it was cold. That’s the way it is in central Florida, we get cold air blown in from the frozen north, and the temperature dips for several days until warm, Florida weather reappears. It was 39F (4C), but the wind was blowing 18-24mph, and the windchill was 25F (-4C), so I was in a quandary as to what to wear when I walked the dog this morning.

While I was drinking my coffee on the front porch, protected from the wind, I noticed it was a bit nippy. I was only wearing a cotton hoodie. Well, that sounds funny doesn’t it? I actually had on jeans, a T-shirt, my tennis shoes, AND the cotton hoodie. Far be it for me to throw on a hoodie to cover my nakedness and give my neighbors eye strain! Anyway, I stepped off the porch to gauge how cold it felt in the wind, and for a minute I contemplated putting on my old ski bibs and down jacket. People in Florida just don’t have much cold weather attire, and I thought the snow bunny suit might be a bit extreme. The sun was just peeping over the trees, so I thought if I waited 30 more minutes, it might make a difference.

Finally, after two cups of coffee, and the dog staring me down, I put on a quilted vest under my hoodie, and grabbed my gloves. As soon as the dog and I set off, I was spitting my hair out of my mouth. The wind was at our backs, and we had about two blocks to go before we got to the poop tree. My giant white dog has a favorite tree. I actually felt comfortably warm, but the hair blowing in my face was driving me crazy.

Finally, after the daily dump, (yes, I pick up) we started back towards home, with the wind in our faces now. We were walking at a brisk pace, as I didn’t want to dilly dally in the cold wind. That’s when I noticed my ears; I swear they were turning into ice. The dog stopped to sniff a calling card (grass with dog scent), and I told him, “no time for that, my ears are gonna fall off”. I can’t believe I forgot my ears, and the hood(ie) was blowing in the wind.

I know the folks up north and out west, probably think Floridians are cold weather wusses, but we just don’t have to deal with cold temps and wind chills very often…AND we never have to deal with snow in my neck of the woods, thank goodness!

If you want to read about an awesome blogger, that commutes daily in frigid temperatures and snow, check out:


I have a new respect for those willing to face cold and snow, with such a positive attitude!

Dog tired…

and I don’t mean the dog. I love the dog shows, but they take a lot out of you. I’m ready for a break. We’re up 3 AKC points, and today is the last day. Wish us luck 😀

Winner's Dog & Best of Winners
Winner’s Dog & Best of Winners