The wake

Some wakes celebrate the life of someone who has passed, but in the wake of Irma, we celebrate the demise of one who wreaked devastation.

I read someone’s post earlier this week (posted under “humor”) about why anyone would want to live in Florida, a hurricane magnet, and live in fear of the loss of life, or destruction of one’s home. We have tornados too, so I guess we have two strikes against us. We have no basements. We’re only about 100 feet above sea level.

I was born here, and I still live here.

At least with hurricanes, we can prepare in advance, so I won’t be moving to Kansas any time soon. Prepare is the most important word in that sentence. When hurricane season begins, you begin to prepare. It’s an Aesop fable I learned as a child, The Ant and the Grasshopper. Those who live on the coast, must be prepared to leave. Although the storm tracked up the gulf, the backlash was felt even on the east coast because it spawned tornados. The weather radio compared Irma to the size of Ohio. I can’t say I’ve ever been there, but it was interesting here, for sure.

Central Florida, Orlando specifically, is on the same latitudinal line as NASA. I don’t think NASA built there without giving it some thought, and I’m happy to share in their reasoning, even if I don’t know what it is.

Plus Disney World is here (NASA Theory), and tourists. I marvel at people who save a boat load of money to bring their family here during the summer, when temperatures are 95 plus degrees, and heat indexes are well above 100 degrees. But, I’m one to talk; I love visiting the frozen northland during winter.

We were without power for almost 3 days, and as soon as our power was restored I lowered the thermostat on the AC to see if I could get it to snow in the house.

Everyone I know has two refrigerators. One in the house, like the rest of the country, and one in their garage for ice and water, and other libations. We stocked up on ice and water early. We went through 60lbs of ice before our power came back on. I shared water and cooked on the grill (everything that I could before we lost it) for our neighbors that rode out the storm. I had placed the grill in our garage to weather the storm. It’s easy to roll the grill out in the driveway.

I know you don’t think I was grilling in the garage.

I’ve had a camp-style coffee pot for years. There wasn’t a day I missed my coffee. I do have some priorities.

After 3 days of no power, everyone in our neighborhood lost all of the food in their refrigerators, so we will clean them out and start anew.

We lost one tree, and have raked a load of leaves and picked up limbs until my sweaty back hurts.

Even as I am doing a ton of laundry and sweaty bed linens, I know how fortunate we are, and I pray for those who are still dealing with the wake of Irma. I’m not sure that fortunate is the appropriate word. I prayed to God for our safety and the safety of all those in her path. I do think prayers are answered. It’s all about faith.






7 thoughts on “The wake

  1. I am so relieved to hear that you are fine (even though it didn’t occur to me that you lived in Florida). πŸ˜‰

    In nebraska, tornado alley, I have never been within fifty miles of a tornado. Knock on wood.


  2. Thanks Sandra πŸ™‚ We came through this one fine, better than others in the state. Our biggest inconvenience was being without power. I’m not fond of cold showers…brrrrr!


  3. I’ll have to visit Michigan! I love your stories about the goats, and making yarn from shearing their (mo)hair πŸ™‚ To tell you the truth, hurricanes, you get used to, and I would never live in the islands, or the Keys, but for me, H. Charley in 2004, was worse than Irma. No power is the biggest inconvenience, but even that passes. However, I do not care to experience any Earthquakes! Thanks for visiting, and Happy Fall.


  4. Great post. I’m one of those who is trying to save a “boatload of money” to see WDW and NASA, though I would surely visit during winter. It’s hot enough in Los Angeles, all ready, I don’t need to experience it elsewhere.


    1. WDW is intolerable during the summer. NASA is air-conditioned πŸ™‚ Best time to visit is between Nov-March, in April it starts raining, every day, wet, humid, and wet, and more wet. Did I mention humidity?


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