I forgot about ears…

Two days ago, I was in shorts, and the temperature was in the 80 degree range. Last night, a cold front moved in and this morning it was cold. That’s the way it is in central Florida, we get cold air blown in from the frozen north, and the temperature dips for several days until warm, Florida weather reappears. It was 39F (4C), but the wind was blowing 18-24mph, and the windchill was 25F (-4C), so I was in a quandary as to what to wear when I walked the dog this morning.

While I was drinking my coffee on the front porch, protected from the wind, I noticed it was a bit nippy. I was only wearing a cotton hoodie. Well, that sounds funny doesn’t it? I actually had on jeans, a T-shirt, my tennis shoes, AND the cotton hoodie. Far be it for me to throw on a hoodie to cover my nakedness and give my neighbors eye strain! Anyway, I stepped off the porch to gauge how cold it felt in the wind, and for a minute I contemplated putting on my old ski bibs and down jacket. People in Florida just don’t have much cold weather attire, and I thought the snow bunny suit might be a bit extreme. The sun was just peeping over the trees, so I thought if I waited 30 more minutes, it might make a difference.

Finally, after two cups of coffee, and the dog staring me down, I put on a quilted vest under my hoodie, and grabbed my gloves. As soon as the dog and I set off, I was spitting my hair out of my mouth. The wind was at our backs, and we had about two blocks to go before we got to the poop tree. My giant white dog has a favorite tree. I actually felt comfortably warm, but the hair blowing in my face was driving me crazy.

Finally, after the daily dump, (yes, I pick up) we started back towards home, with the wind in our faces now. We were walking at a brisk pace, as I didn’t want to dilly dally in the cold wind. That’s when I noticed my ears; I swear they were turning into ice. The dog stopped to sniff a calling card (grass with dog scent), and I told him, “no time for that, my ears are gonna fall off”. I can’t believe I forgot my ears, and the hood(ie) was blowing in the wind.

I know the folks up north and out west, probably think Floridians are cold weather wusses, but we just don’t have to deal with cold temps and wind chills very often…AND we never have to deal with snow in my neck of the woods, thank goodness!

If you want to read about an awesome blogger, that commutes daily in frigid temperatures and snow, check out:


I have a new respect for those willing to face cold and snow, with such a positive attitude!


6 thoughts on “I forgot about ears…

  1. Specifically, the fact that you don’t deal with cold often is what makes you a cold weather wuss. It’s two up here (not Celcius either) and snowing… It sucks, but you get used to it after a spell. Thicker blood helps too. No judging though – I wish to God I had your problem in that regard. 😉

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  2. I think one of the hardest things to adjust to is being inside during colder weather. I’m such an ‘out doors’ type person, I feel too confined when the weather isn’t balmy. The wind didn’t die down here until 7 PM, and even though it had warmed up some, it still felt frigid! I feel for ya, 2 degrees is too cold for this wuss 😀


  3. I lived in Florida for several years and know what you mean! Now we are in the Pacific NW and living with a whole other set of weather patterns. Fortunately, we don’t get the 4-foot snow dumps like we did when living in Colorado.

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  4. I would love to visit the Pacific NW someday. That’s one place I haven’t been. In my younger days, I did a lot of snow skiing in Colorado. I love visiting the snow (dressed properly), but I can’t imagine living in it 😯


  5. Yikes…those ears hurt when cold too! hahaahaaaha we never get temps below -5 C here but boy the heat..44C this week ..so walking the dogs is just as bad..leads on a short length due to snake watch..and eyes stinging from sweat..seems extremes are everywhere 🙂 stay warm sweets hugs Fozziemum xx

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  6. You may be a wimp in cold weather but I am a wimp in hot weather, so we are even! I went to Alabama in the summer time to help out an area devastated by tornadoes several years ago, how do you guys live through that humid heat? Walking was like swimming through water, boiling hot water. Give me cold any day.

    (Thanks for the shout out, you are too kind!)

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