Honey, I hear mice under the bed!

For all intent and purposes, my husband is basically deaf. His hearing started going when Nextel, push to speak phones were invented. It seems that anyone who owned one of those modern marvels (back in the day) had  some degree of deafness, because whenever you encountered someone using one in public, they were always holding the phone in front of their face, screaming into it. The hubs loved that phone, and I celebrated when his last one died and he had to buy a Smartphone!

The culprit: beginning of hearing loss
The culprit: beginning of the end

I was really excited thinking about him holding the phone to his ear and speaking normally. Maybe I should say, speaking in a softer voice, because my husband and the word “normally”, don’t always agree. To say the least, the husband became enthralled with the capabilities of Smartphones. He discovered that the world of technology had passed him by while he was beeping and screaming away on his old Nextel. Then he discovered the ‘speaker’ button on the new Smartphone. [sigh]

Anyway, several nights ago, the husband woke me up out of a sound sleep. He was leaning over the bed…listening.

Me: What is it?

Him: Honey, I think I hear mice under the bed!

Me: [sigh] Tell them to take the phone off of speaker, and go back to sleep!

Shhhhh, we're making too much noise!
Shhhhh, we’re making too much noise!



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