Mom put me in “Time Out” this morning!

I can’t understand why Mom got upset this morning and put me in “Time Out”! The morning started out normal enough. She turned me out in the back yard and then went to get her first cup of coffee. I was looking for something to do, but Mom put all this mulch down in the back yard, so I couldn’t find any of the holes that I was working on. It’s really hard to find a patch of dirt for me to play in, but low and behold in the corner of the backyard, behind this bush was some fresh dirt!!! What was even better was the sprinklers went on this morning and got it all mushy! Just the way I like it!

Next thing I know, Mom is whistling for me, but I was too busy to come. Then I hear her yell, “TREAT”, and I can’t resist that, so I came out only to have my leash snapped onto my collar. You won’t believe this, but after she gave me my treat, she hooked my leash over something so I couldn’t get back to work. The worst part was when she hosed off my feet. That water was COLD! I guess I should have let her drink her coffee, because she sure was grumpy!

I guess she got over being upset, because after she dried my feet off, she took me on a car ride!!! I just LUV going for a ride in the car!!! She said we were going to see Terri, my groomer. I really like Terri, but I don’t know exactly why I need to be groomed? Do you know?

That's not fair, I have some serious work to do!
That’s not fair, I have some serious work to do!
Wait, what are you doing with that hose?
Wait, what are you doing with that hose?



6 thoughts on “Mom put me in “Time Out” this morning!

  1. Jasper, I agree, it isn’t fair! I saw your picture and you had a lovely brown color around your neck. My Mom kept saying that she never saw a cat play in the dirt and maybe she should have gotten one of them! Can you believe that!? Cats are so boring and don’t know how to have fun!


  2. Clowie, I was having the best time! My Mom said I was digging my way to China, but I wouldn’t like it there, because they probably eat doggies! Imagine that!!!


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